Jun 28

balanceRebirth: Auter and Loligo's Movie Library ~~^______^~~ →







Auter’s Video Library:


-Adventures In Paradise

-The complete box set of “Gilligan’s Island”

-The Adventures of Captain Fabian

-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

-Blackbeard the Pirate

-Sinbad the Sailor

-7th Voyage of Sinbad

-Golden Voyage of Sinbad

-Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger


[SO]:what is with you and all these lame movies revolving around the ocean theme.

[SO]: try watching something good for once

[SO]: Try watching the condemned, its got the ocean in it a little, but its less lame

[BR]: But I, uhm, like the ocean. It’s kind of, uhm, my favorite.

[BR]: I don’t think my movies are, uh, lame. I bet your movies are the, uhm, lame ones.

[SO]: I watch the kind of movies that would make you scream in your sleep.

[SO]: horror movies so black that not even the daylight can diminish their terror.

[SO]: wanna hang out and watch a few?

[SO]: I’m pretty sure a few of them have some drowning deaths in them

[SO]: that would make your pretty little ocean seem alot less safe wouldn’t it?

[BR]: 3>:[ Hey, I’m not, uhm, scared of your horror movies!

[BR]: I have plenty of, uh, scary movies about the ocean! I’m not a little, uhm, scardy-catfish!

[SO]: prove it.

[SO]: come watch some of my movies.

[SO]: I bet you wouldn’t be able to sit through even one of them.

[BR]: 3>:[ Get some of them and I’ll, uhm, appearify you here so we can watch them. I bet you that I, uhm, can too sit through them! All of them!

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