Jun 28

balanceRebirth: Auter and Loligo's Movie Library ~~^______^~~ →









Auter’s Video Library:


-Adventures In Paradise

-The complete box set of “Gilligan’s Island”

-The Adventures of Captain Fabian

-Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

-Blackbeard the Pirate

-Sinbad the Sailor

-7th Voyage of Sinbad

-Golden Voyage of Sinbad

-Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger


[SO]:what is with you and all these lame movies revolving around the ocean theme.

[SO]: try watching something good for once

[SO]: Try watching the condemned, its got the ocean in it a little, but its less lame

[BR]: But I, uhm, like the ocean. It’s kind of, uhm, my favorite.

[BR]: I don’t think my movies are, uh, lame. I bet your movies are the, uhm, lame ones.

[SO]: I watch the kind of movies that would make you scream in your sleep.

[SO]: horror movies so black that not even the daylight can diminish their terror.

[SO]: wanna hang out and watch a few?

[SO]: I’m pretty sure a few of them have some drowning deaths in them

[SO]: that would make your pretty little ocean seem alot less safe wouldn’t it?

[BR]: 3>:[ Hey, I’m not, uhm, scared of your horror movies!

[BR]: I have plenty of, uh, scary movies about the ocean! I’m not a little, uhm, scardy-catfish!

[SO]: prove it.

[SO]: come watch some of my movies.

[SO]: I bet you wouldn’t be able to sit through even one of them.

[BR]: 3>:[ Get some of them and I’ll, uhm, appearify you here so we can watch them. I bet you that I, uhm, can too sit through them! All of them!

[SO]: fine, give me a minute

[SO]: alright, I picked my ten scariest

[SO]: plus a few I personally like.

[SO]: I’ll also provide popcorn, since I’m likely to be the only one eating it.

[SO]: now bring it!

You huff moodily and rummage around your computer desktop to find your IP tracker. You’ve only ever had to use it once, so it takes a few minutes to find it. Once you’ve pulled up Shane’s IP, you’re easily able to pinpoint his location on Earth so that you can Appearify him to your hive.

[BR]: Fine! I’ll see you in a, uhm, few minutes. Just stay right where you are.

On your way over to the Appearifier, with Shane’s coordinates in hand, you remember that you have a few extra-scary movies tucked away in another room. You usually only watch them on special occasions, like the Troll Day of the Dead, but you think this occasion is special enough. You bet Shane won’t be able to handle a real Alternian horror film. You grab the scariest, bloodiest, most horrifying one you have and smirk confidently to yourself as you lock onto his coordinates and start up the machine.

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    You huff moodily and rummage around your computer desktop to find your IP tracker. You’ve only ever had to use it once,...