Jun 28

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((Jeeze she’s cute. <33333))

You grin sheepishly at her and accept an armful of junk before leading her down the hall. You head into another, larger hall that branches off of the one you usually stay in, because the biggest living area is there; it has a projector and a screen, and you keep your entire movie library in there. To be honest, you are pretty excited to have friends to watch movies with you now, because your movies are pretty awesome.

When you get into the room, you carefully deposit Nequeo’s things on the couch so that the two of you can sort through them. You see that among the pile are some of her own movies, and you wonder what kind of films they are; out of the corner of your eye, you glance at the shelves full of movies in the corner and wonder if she would like any of them.

((I’m about to upload a list of Auter’s movie library. See if you can spot the common theme. xD))

The first thing you notice when you walk in is his extensive movie collection. You quickly set the junk on the couch and walk over to the shelf. You examine all og the movie titles. Some of them you already have but most you’ve never heard of. You wip around in his direction to compliment the movies with a large and goofy grin on your face.

“oh w-wow bro! this is 4n impr3ssiv3 coll3ction y4 got h3r3! iv3 n-n3v3r h34rd of som3 o-of th3s3. im 4ctu4ly 4 l-littl3 j34lous… h3h3!”

“Oh, uhm, if there are any in particular that you’re, uhm, interested in, I could alchemize you some copies to take home with you.” You’re really pleased that she’s a movie buff like you; it gives the two of you something in common. “Do you, uhm, like moster movies, Nequeo?”

You turn back around to the movies and pull out a movie whos name really catches your attention. Waterworld…

“this on3 s-sounds kind of n-n34t. ill h-h4v3 to g3t y4 to m4k3 m3 4 copy.”

You put the movie back and walk over to the couch. You push over a few items you brought so you can sit down.

“i FUCKING l-lov3 monst3r movi3s b-bro! i 4ctu4ly brought two m-monst3r movi3s. i h-h4v3 Nosf3r4tu, p-polt3rg3ist, 4nd cr34tur3 from the bl4ck l4goon.”

You rummage through the junk and pull out the three movies you brought. You hold them up as you name them out to show Auter. You then move them to the floor because they take up too much room on the couch.

You gasp loudly and your eyes go even wider than normal as you clap your hands over your mouth. “You have Creature From The Black Lagoon?! That’s one of my favorites! I don’t have that one! You’re so awesome, Nequeo!”

((When he’s excited and/or really comfortable with someone, he doesn’t stammer. He never realizes it, though.))

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    You are a little startled by his reaction. You’ve never seen anyone get so excited over a movie other than yourself. You...
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    You gasp loudly and your eyes go even wider than normal as you clap your hands over your mouth. “You have Creature From...